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Suffering pain or ill Health? Osteopathy may be your solution!

The following conditions are just some of the more common complaints that osteopathy can treat :

Back Pain: Slipped Disc Spinal Joint Strains Pelvic Misalignment
  Rib Pain Sciatica Muscular Spasms
Joint Related: Tennis Elbow /

Golfers Elbow
Jaw Joint Problems Frozen Shoulder
  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Knee Ligament Injuries Osteo-arthritic Joint Problems
General Health: Respiratory and Breathing Difficulties Headaches Digestive Problems
  Trigeminal Neuralgia Headaches caused by:
Neck Pain/Tension/stress
Children's Conditions : Glue Ear Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Sleep Disorders
  Colic Asymmetry Of Skull Bones  
Postnatal / Antenatal: Symphysis Pubis Syndrome Sacro-iliac Dysfunctions Related Back Pain
Sport Injuries : (Paul & Lee are both semi-professional sportsmen, specialising in the treatment of many sporting injuries)

These are some of the conditions that have been helped successfully in the past by the body adjustment treatment. If you are not sure if we treat a condition, please ask. You can find our contact details HERE Osteopathy is not a panacea but many people are not aware of the wider benefits to be gained by the Oesteopathic Body Adjustment. CLICK HERE to view the treatments page for examples.

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